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Coral Fleece Hooded Loungewear

Coral Fleece Hooded Loungewear

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  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Color: Female-Yellow, Female-White, Female-Green, Female-Purple, Female-Blue, Male-Green, Male-Brown, Male-Khaki, Male-Gray, Male-Blue
  • Size: in cm
    • Female M: Length~67, Bust~58, Shoulder~55, Pants Length~95, Hips~50
    • Female L: Length~69, Bust~60, Shoulder~57, Pants Length~97, Hips~52
    • Female XL: Length~71, Bust~62, Shoulder~58, Pants Length~99, Hips~54
    • Female 2XL: Length~73, Bust~64, Shoulder~60, Pants Length~101, Hips~56
    • Male L: Length~72, Bust~60, Shoulder~56, Pants Length~100, Hips~54
    • Male XL: Length~74, Bust~62, Shoulder~58, Pants Length~102, Hips~56
    • Male 2XL: Length~76, Bust~64, Shoulder~60, Pants Length~104, Hips~58
    • Male 3XL: Length~78, Bust~66, Shoulder~62, Pants Length~106, Hips~60
    • Suggestion:
    • Female M: Weight 42-52kg, height 155-160cm
    • Female L: Weight 52-62kg, height 160-165cm
    • Female XL: Weight 62-70kg, height 165-170cm
    • Female 2XL: Weight 70-80kg, height 160-175cm
    • Male L: Weight 55-65kg, height 165-170cm
    • Male XL: Weight 65-75kg, height 170-175cm
    • Male 2XL: Weight 75-85kg, height 175-180cm
    • Male 3XL: Weight 85-95kg, height 180-185cm


*This data is obtained by manually measuring the product, and the measured value may have a gap of 1-3cm.

※Dimensions are flat dimensions. Since it is an amateur measurement, there may be some errors, please understand.

※Please note that the color of the item may vary slightly depending on the shooting environment and computer model.

※Abrasions, small stains or scratches may occur during the manufacturing process.

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