The HEBES team is compiled of a melting pot of different cultures, backgrounds, and stories. We value destinations, cultures, and global products but our highest value is connecting style with people. As frequent travelers and eclectic shoppers, we found ourselves in a constant search of fashion, beauty, & lifestyle products that represented our unique personalities. As a solution to this, we launched HEBES. Now, accessing products from around the globe is a breeze for not only us but more than 20 countries we serve. We strive to enable discovery and instant access to global fashion, beauty, & lifestyle brands through constant curation and selection in hopes of providing you with new fashion, beauty, & lifestyle products that enhance your everyday life.
"Our goal at HEBES is to create a community of fashion, beauty, & lifestyle lovers that thrive on discovering new brands & trends from around the globe."

HEBES is managed by Zeus Group Limited set up in 2005.  The offices are located in Osaka and Hong Kong. Below are the subsidiaries of Zeus Group Limited.