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Mino Switching Dolman T-shirt

Mino Switching Dolman T-shirt

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  • Design

A dolman big T-shirt with a bold colour switching design. The design is high and can be coordinated with just one piece, so you don't have to worry about getting lost in summer coordinates. The silhouette is a dolman silhouette that stands out for its looseness. The smooth drape that floats like a wave and the shading that creates a three-dimensional effect. The shading that gives rise to a three-dimensional effect also accentuates the looseness of the look, so it is a new summer standard T-shirt overflowing with a sense of relaxation. 

  • Fabric

This T-shirt is made from polyester and has a light and airy texture. Even in the summer when it's damp and sticky, you can still enjoy. The fabric is also quick-drying. It also has excellent quick-drying properties, making it perfect for hot, humid and sweaty summers. It is also durable enough not to lose its shape after repeated wear, so it is ideal for everyday use and can be worn with peace of mind. 

  • Weight: ~0.4kg
  • Colour: Blue Grey/Greige
  • Size: in cm
  • M: Length~79, Width~82, Sleeve~56
  • L: Length~80, Width~83, Sleeve~57
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