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Hand-held Tote Bag

Hand-held Tote Bag

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The handle uses two types of soft synthetic leather, turning the part that comes into contact with the shoulders into a surface rather than a point, increasing the fit and reducing the burden on the shoulders. The fabric is also made of water-repellent material, so even if it rains, you are not afraid of the contents of the bag getting wet.

The storage part of the bag can store 13-inch laptops, A4 size documents, and 5 storage pockets.

Personal belongings can be classified according to personal needs. The practical and versatile design is ideal for office workers and students. 

  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: ~0.6kg
  • Size: L33 x W11 x H27 (cm)
  • Color: Khaki/Black/Dark Blue/Dark Grey/Pink
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